Scared Dog Learns How To Be A Happy Girl

Youtube Screenshot -The Penguin

A dog named Nika was left alone in a remote place with severe conditions. The rescue team got a report about her situation in early April and went to find her at night. They spotted Nika in the dark, but she was frightened and acted hostile towards them. However, she soon relaxed after they talked to her gently.

They noticed that Nika had injuries that made her legs useless. They gave her some support and carried her to their car. They arranged a special visit with their vet and were happy to learn that her blood was normal.

The next day, they took Nika to the rescue shelter. She had no fractures, but she needed some time to heal. Nika behaved very well in the shelter. She ate more and more, and she even asked for permission before eating by herself.

They helped Nika walk a little every day to make her muscles stronger. After a week in the shelter, she was much better and her tests were good. Nika started to play again and enjoyed life. She still had a lot to recover, but the team was determined to help her get well.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - The Penguin  (Special Thanks To: Rescuer)

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