Dog Chained Up For Years Transforms Into the Happiest, Prettiest Boy

Youtube Screenshot -The Moho

A rescue team was shocked and saddened by what they saw today when they found a neglected dog on a property where the sheriff's department was carrying out an eviction order. The poor dog had lived for years with a rope around his neck, exposed to the elements and suffering terribly.

The staff at the shelter and everyone else who saw him were heartbroken for this sweet boy, who they named Justice. He looked even worse in person than in the photos. He was only 35 pounds, which is less than half of what he should weigh.

Justice was so frail that he could hardly stand or walk for more than a few seconds.

But thanks to the hard work and compassion of the people at Helping Hearts & Healing Tails Animal Rescue organization, Justice is now in a comfortable bed with warm blankets. He needs special food and regular vet visits, but he is stable and improving every day. He even wags his tail sometimes, despite his weakness.

Justice enjoys his toys and likes to play with them. He is looking for his forever home, and he could be a wonderful companion for a kind family. Please share his story and help us find Justice a home where he will be loved and treated well.

We are grateful to Helping Hearts & Healing Tails Animal Rescue organization for their dedication to saving and caring for animals like Justice. With your support, we can make sure that more animals like Justice get the love and care they need.

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Article Sources: Youtube - The Moho  (Special Thanks To: Rescuer)

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