Tiny Rescue Puppy Is Proof Miracles Exist

Youtube Screenshot -Dublin Shelter

Ziggy, a brave puppy, survived a harrowing ordeal after being rescued from a storage container in a filthy alley. He was suffering from a rare and life-threatening autoimmune disease called puppy strangles, as well as mange and other skin infections.

But Ziggy did not give up hope. With the loving care of his specialty vets, TAF therapy dog team, and medical foster home, Ziggy started to heal and grow. He gained a pound of weight and his fur began to regrow. He also found a loyal friend, a motherly dog who stayed by his side at all times.

Ziggy faced another challenge when he had to stop taking Prednisone, a steroid that was suppressing his immune system but also affecting his appetite. Ziggy had to find new foods that he liked and that would nourish him. He also had to keep taking antibiotics, medicated sprays, and pain medication to fight off any infections.

Ziggy is a fighter and a miracle. He needs your help to continue his recovery and find his forever home. You can donate to Ziggy's medical fund in the following ways: Via website -

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - Dublin Shelter  (Special Thanks To: Trio Animal Foundation)

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