Little puppy was tied and dumped in a bag like garbage! She is Sad 😢

img: Youtube '' Animal Shelters ''

They found a poor puppy who was in a blue sack tied by his neck and body from the inside, unable to move or walk.

She smelled foul, she had broken her left leg and writhed wrongly, she smelled like pig or filth, and she probably just ate that.

She was constipated but got rid of so many bad things she eats, she was just an innocent kid but someone threw her in there!

just lying desperate waiting for death and crying in pain hopless waiting for help! It seem she was beaten to broken legs and thrown away like garbage! Heartbreaking!

The girl was taken to the vet with hind leg problems. She was given some water and food her name is Pepita, She had a bath today but after taking a shower she still smells bad

Day 5: Pepita is getting better, she can eat few foods, now she is healthy but she can't walk normally!

Day 15: Pepita returns home after treatment at the vet, Her back leg still has a problem, she can't walk normally, so it was hard for her to walk!

Day 40: Pepita had surgery at the Vet Clinic, a tough surgery, but hopefully physiotherapy, infrared therapy and laser are ok

Day 45: Pepita Make Phisio, Laser Therapy and Cap Therapy for Recovery!

Day 65: Pepita again underwent surgery to have her leg amputated.

 Even her leg was working after the surgery and the first treatments, her sciatic nerve was affected by a hip fracture...

...and she did not use her leg in the correct position, so it was difficult for her to walk. Now she is on 3 legs.

 Day 88: Pepita is recovering well. Make friends with a cat! Still in the vet's locker. She's fine on 3 legs

Day 100: She is a happy girl, friendly and gentle, but with 3 legs.

Day 220: Adopted in Germany!

We hope you live a better and happy life

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