Poor dog trying to escape from the bullied of people on the street

A poor dog was dragging a thin body in the rain.

She was trying to get away from people who bullied her.

They bullied her because of her ugly body. Street life was not easy for a disabled dog.

Could you imagine how this little girl managed to survive on the streets? She was exhausted from hunger.

Zosia was hastily eating the crumbs of bread I gave her. She turned around and looked up at me.

And her eyes seemed to beg for help from me. Zosenka was carried out the necessary tests.

Analysis of parvovirus enteritis was negative.She was severely dehydrated and malnourished. As you can see, this dog had absolutely no energy left.

Except for the leg twitching. According to the diagnosis, the cause was congenital epilepsy. Holding Zosenka in my arms, I burst into tears.

Why should an innocent dog had to endure something like this.

What was her fault?

Day 2, that morning, after taking the medicine, Zosenka fell asleep. She was getting used to another world.

It was the world of caring. No one would abandon her and no one would be able to intimidate her.

Day 5, the convulsions still tormented Zosenka's body. But the frequency had decreased significantly. She was able to raise her head when I arrived. Thank God for that.

Day 15, it was a special day.

After many days of fighting with Zosia, we are finally back home. She was gentle and sociable.

But her uncontrolled seizures scared the cat Rota.

That made Zosia extremely sad. “Be a good girl, little one, and everyone will get used to and accept you.

Day 20, as you can see Zosia was starting to become more active and mischievous than ever.

She could play with these toys all day without getting bored.

And she had made new friends. They understood each other amazingly.

The sad past would be left behind. And then Zosia was living in my protection forever. She ate delicious food, slept in warm blankets every day.

Day 30, Zosia told me she wanted to go out.

And I agreed. The warmth and love that changed Zosia day by day.

She became more and more wonderful. She was gaining weight and getting much stronger. She hasd a life like a queen.

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