Tiny Puppy With Bad Condition, Crying Because Abandoned At The Market

img: Youtube '' Paws Show / Rescuer:''

Meet Willow! Willow was abandoned in a corner of the market, the baby cried a lot. She is panicky and shy. The baby's condition is not good. I rushed her to the nearest vet. 

According to the doctor, Ruay is about 2 months old, he has intestinal disease and hemorrhoids. Ruay's mouth was raised, maybe he was dropped or thrown.

Ruay still has very little chance of survival. He needs prayers...Ruay was in extreme difficulty, he was breathing heavily and was constantly panicking, even comatose.

Her temperature was critically low. Her heart beat faint. She'd had a hypoglycaemic episode! 

Her extremities cold as ice and turning purple. My heart was breaking! As she lay on the heat pad she had a seizure for…

She was almost euthanised (thinking it was a neurological virus and she was suffering). Watch the video below.

Special Thanks To Rescuer : 💚
Thanks to the channel : Paws Show 

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