Maria, She Dragged Her Heavy Body Under The Cold Weather For Days

img: Youtube '' Paws Show ''

We met this girl on the street. This girl is not from this village. She came here with her hind legs completely paralyzed. She had dragged herself through dirty places, enduring the terrible cold in the rain. Many vehicles passed by, but no one had stopped to rescue her. They never even gave this girl food. 

The other dogs in this village were all confused.... She became more and more worried. We can't let her stay here. She needs urgent rescue. Maria was brought to Vet, she needed an X-ray to confirm the injury. As such, she had broken her spine and hind legs. The doctor determined that this injury has been around for a long time, so she needs a very long time for treatment.

Her hind legs no longer feel... She is still working out and yearning to walk againWatch the video below.

Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️

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