4 little puppies abandoned in the forest, no food and no mother get rescued

Image/Story Source Credit: 'NoAnimalBehind' via YouTube Video

What people throw like dirt we rescue !

We found 4 puppies abandoned in the forest .. someone put them water and a carton box...

Image/Story Source Credit: 'NoAnimalBehind' via YouTube Video

but who had the soul to abandon such small puppies ??

We had a spay campain for more then a year !!! 

Why you irresponsible people did not come to spay the mom for free ??!!

We are in desperately need to buy food, deworming, deflee ...please help! 

A good meal for our 4 angels!! 

The 4 puppies that we rescued today from the forest have their first safe sleep! They will grow up in good health and live in blissful life.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'NoAnimalBehind' via YouTube Video

It’s so touching our heart to see these poor souls in very bad condition but we’re grateful the rescuer team that worked hard to survive them.

It’s really restored faith in humanity!

"Watch The Video Below"

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Angels4 Animals Rescue 💚
Thanks to the channel : NoAnimalBehind ❤️

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