Poor puppy Hiding Under The Bridge crying for help but no one is ready to help!

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

I was truly shocked when I saw this. A small, fragile, completely bewildered body that was found in Armavir This kid is so lonely, exhausted, absolutely unnecessary to anyone until now. 

He is in an extreme degree of exhaustion, a little disoriented, vomiting after eating, He is just a rag barely alive. 

The blood pressure is low, glucose is surprisingly normal, on the way he vomited again They took him urgently to the ICU, took blood tests, we are waiting for an ultrasound / x-ray and tests for infections.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

The baby is extremely malnourished and dehydrated According to the analyses, the strongest bacterial inflammatory process, the pressure at the time of admission was low, stabilized Also, during the examination, heart murmurs were detected, we are waiting for an appointment with a cardiologist And according to the analyzes, he's also positive with dirofilariasis - it's worms in the lungs/heart Today he will receive a blood transfusion, judging by the blood compatibility test with the donor Unfortunately.

The gastrointestinal tract does not want to work yet, so parenteral nutrition was connected Now we hope that the preparations for the gastrointestinal tract will start working & the gastrointestinal tract will start up again According to the morning tests, the hematocrit and albumin decreased, so we decided not to make a transfusion Today we walked a little more vigorously, he definitely needs to walk around so that the intestines work Despite all these difficulties.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

Vito has an appetite, an interest in life too While he is very weak, but clinically, of course, he is better than he was at admission I brought him a blouse, because due to the lack of muscles / fat, he freezes You look at his wounded body, at these thin legs, at this look sad and the tail is pressed, hug and cry Doctors bought Vito socks , since he still often collapses and scratches his legs Vito was canceled IV infusions, switched to pills, the hematocrit is still more or less, but still a risk in repeated transfusion.

He surgeons treated the bedsores, Vito had already arrived with them, it was not an option to pull further. . . Unfortunately, it was not possible without treatment, because there was already necrosis Every time I look at these bones, at this tail, marvel, indeed, marvel at how strong they are Vito was discharged from the clinic.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

There is still a long road of recovery ahead, but everything will be fine I have this video to goosebumps and tears His first steps at home, in warmth, care, on a soft rug with a bunch of toys, not somewhere under the bridge in the mud Our guy behaves very tactfully and delicately Vito began to gain weight One bed sore has already healed, the one that is bigger while in process. 

Has mastered already as much as possible, barks! The only thing that didn’t please me very much, but it was confirmed, is that Vito partially does not see Perhaps there was once a disease that caused this Damn, this is so touching. 

Vito goes down the stairs for the first time He can go up, because he feels the surface with his paws, but it's scary to go down Let me remind you that Vito has vision problems, so this is our great achievement!

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

I'm proud How can I imagine that he experienced there alone under the bridge... 

He now changes before our eyes and from a shabby “old man”, turns into a handsome prince We weigh as much as 9kg! "Watch his happy story in the video below"

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