The puppy burst into tears after being helped after days of being abandoned

img: Youtube '' Paws Show ''

A handicapped puppy, he has just been abandoned on the street.

This poor puppy is still panicking and scared.

TONINHO couldn't stand up and walk.

He's guilty, seems to have been chased away many times on the street, so the baby always finds a way to hide from people.

After more than 20 minutes of approaching, I brought him to Vet.

TONINHO receives emergency treatment ..

Hopefully, he will recover to have a happy life ...

He was so pitiful, everything was so confusing.

The child is still very nervous and has not yet felt human love.

The doctor determined that: This malnourished child must be treated for a very long time.

He needs to do physical therapy many times.

TONIHO is an extremely intelligent and friendly boy.

24 days later: TONINHO has completely changed after almost 1 month of treatment. Now, he is no longer a handicapped boy. TONINHO is aiming for a happy life.

Thanks to all kindhearted people for the help and donations to cover his medical bills. Without your love, he would have not survived and never have today... 🙏

Watch more details about the story in the video below. 

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