Dog, Living a Life in Chains for 8 Years, Awaits a Future Full of Love and Joy

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Bama is here! He was imprisoned in a dark, filthy place for eight years. He is infected with infectious diseases as a result of a lack of food and the owner's care. The body is becoming increasingly emaciated, and the skin has become infected and scaly. For the past eight years, he had been bound by a rope around his neck.

The rope was getting tighter and tighter around his neck. But Bama is full of life. He yearned to live and was overjoyed when he saw us. You're aware that Bama is a rare breed. His owner comes from one of the area's wealthiest families.

However, his character is awful. He disclaimed being in charge of this helpless infant. Additionally, persuading him to give this child to us was extremely challenging. The involvement of the authorities comes last. He simply agreed.

For eight years, he tormented the young boy. It implies that throughout Bama's entire life, he has never experienced true freedom and joy. After all, we now own the boy. Bama is visiting a physician. Following completion of all examinations, the infant received a medicated bath.

His toenails are extremely long and curl into the skin. He was cut and cleaned. Bama enjoys being hugged and oftentimes seems to want to cry.

He felt human love for the first time. He may not have been like that in the last eight years. Bama is getting better every day. Day 20: Bama starts to learn how to be a precious person, and Fluff starts to grow. After 60 days, Bama has fully recovered and is now a very loving and outgoing boy.

Everyone who comes to visit always notices him. Eighty days later, the best thing has finally happened—Bama is adopted by a young girl. When we described the grief he had gone through to her, she was extremely moved. She wanted to make up for this poor baby. We don't want to leave Bama, but it's best for him.

I hope Bama has wonderful days. he deserve to be loved and respected. Please send your love to him and share his story. 🙏

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