I was a forgotten and unwanted puppy. but now I am so happy 🥲

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Tearful Story of A Puppy Chased Away, Live Place Next to The Furnace of a Sugar Factory

Meet Carbon! 

He was abandoned as a one-month-old baby. Carbon wanders around the small town, is chased away, and eventually finds a safe haven as the "heater" of the sugar factory.

He won't be chased away there because nobody is concerned about this poor baby," His little feet burned from eating coal and molasses every day.

Molasses coated Carbon's entire body. He resembled a coal when we first met him. The whole body is dirty, gloomy.

Carbon is extremely anemic, weak, and emaciated. The youngster is very depressed and down on himself.

After he was bathed, we could see that much of his body hair was burned off. However, we can see a strong character in this little soul.

The baby will be given medical attention in order to recover quickly. The baby has a lot of fighting to have a chance of survival in this world. Carbon is receiving milk and vitamins... He's been reborn.

Carbon has evolved dramatically. Carbon is a friendly young man who is gradually maturing into a man.

He’s so adorable and such a brave puppy who never give up for life. With good foster care and ton of lovers from mercy people he’s now getting better and feeling safe. He will be full recovered soon and will be found a new sweet forever home.

We're so happy to see this little puppy plays in joy with his friends. He grows up..., and he already forgot everything in the past that he was suffered.

We thank everyone that involved saving him, May God bless you all!

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