Dog With Different Appearance Pleads for Love and Acceptance

img: Youtube '' Animal Shelter / Rescuer: Alina ''

In the cold weather we saw this dog lying by the side of the road

Not far away was a small cardboard box with a towel in it At that moment we saw that he did not seem well.

He is crying because he is in pain, So we took him  went to the vet for a check-up his eyes were filled with pain and melancholy.

We also saw a lot of ticks on his body, We cried with him when we saw the many wounds on his body

There were many bite marks on his skinny body the very deep bites festered but did not bleed,  He also suffered from leptospirosis, a dangerous disease.

We had to stay in treatment until full recovery. Why did his owner abandon him???

He was only a puppy and could not feed himself. Maybe the bigger dogs in that area bit him, What happened to him if we couldn't find him?

He was quarantined in a boring glass cage. To make him happier, I usually bring him food and talk to him, He treated with drugs and fluids, he tolerated all therapies well.

I hoped everything would be fine that was enough for a puppy.

After 12 days he really wanted to go out, The boy got bored of being in the cage for so long. I tried everything but he wasn't happy

After 2 months of intensive treatment, Fedor was finally out. He was very happy and continued to walk around the vet

You know, I'm so proud of him for trying so hard. Fedor was truly a brave and resilient warrior,  And he enjoyed the chicken as a reward

It was great to see Fedya in such a state. Come on, follow Ferdo to explore the house, He started to learn everything after a long sleep.

This would be the place where he will stay for the rest of his life. He would love this house and protect the member

He will have fond memories here with us the abandoned past is left behind, we welcome a new future

If we all opened our hearts to dogs like Ferdo ❤️🙏  How beautiful will this world be?

He will grow up in good health and live a happy life. Thank you so much to ALINA and everyone for rescuing this little boy. Please send your love to him and share his story.  🥰

Watch more details about the story in the video below. 

Rescuer: Alina 💚
Thanks to the channel : Animal Shelter ❤️ 

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