He was abandoned, under snowing, hide in the corner stay away people!

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: @da_d00ng ''

We received a call asking for assistance for a starving and terrified dog chained up in the snow.

Day 1: Following the rescue, he always hid in a wall corner and quivered in terror.

What occurred to him previously? No one knows, but we are certain that he has no love or care.

But now, we guarantee that his life will change drastically! The poor dog is named Coffee.

He started eating a lot of food after we left the room because he was so hungry.

Day 2: He is still very frightened and does not want anyone to approach or touch him.

Day 3: Coffee is getting better, eat a lot of food and fewer scare more calm.

Day 4: That's very good! Today I can touch to Coffee.

He know that we are there for help with all love and care to Coffee.

Day 7: Can you identify Coffee today? All changes completely in just one week!

Day 10: Coffee gained 1.5 kg. We eagerly anticipate Coffee's transformation into a beautiful and happy dog.

Day 20: We are overjoyed that little Coffee was adopted today by a happy family.

At first, Coffee is shy, but with time and love, look at how joyful he is now!

We wish him all the best to live happily in a new home. We're so thankful and so grateful to all donations that covered his medical bills. Please send your prayer and kiss to him and share his story. Watch his happy ending in the video below.

Special thanks to rescuer : @da_d00ng 💚
Thanks to the channel : The Moho
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