Poor Puppy was in a narrow 6m hole, alone, wet, crying for his mother

img: Youtube '' Angels And Animals ''

Poor puppy was rescued by The Ratsada Fire Department  and Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter:

"A lady was walking when she heard a cry and looked into the hole, discovering a puppy.  The one that was in a narrow6m hole, alone, wet, crying for his mother. She went to get help. The Ratsada Fire Department bravely clambered through the jungle ànd one guy was lowered into the hole.

A huge thank you to some kind, good people for rescuing this tiny pup from a 6m deep hole. They think the pup was in the hole for a couple of days.

The kind lady took the pup home, but is unable to have dogs at her home, so Kim went to pick him up.

He doesn't have any broken bones, has blood parasites, covered in lice, dirty, with scabs but he is ok. He is about 6 weeks old. Well, today he went to his new home and is settling in happily.

Thanks to Emma and Joel for falling in love with him after Emma read about his rescue." CAN YOU GIVE ME JUST ONE SHARE

Thanks to the channel : Angels And Animals ❤️ 

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