Sad Shelter Dog Whose Only Friend Was This Elephant Toy Learns That He And His Toy Are Getting New Home


Meet Smokey, a rescue dog who won't leave the house without his elephant toy. His previous owners lost their home and were unable to care for the dog.

On Valentine's Day, the 5-year-old dog was turned in to a Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center along with his favorite stuffed animal "so that he can take comfort" in it.

Smokey loves his stuffed gray elephant with pink ears so much, there was a sign on his kennel saying that he and elephant must be adopted together.

The elephant was the only thing that brightened Smokey's days at the shelter. Smokey has had a few difficult weeks; he appeared to be incredibly shy and anxious. Smokey was supposed to be put to sleep in March...

Then one day in came two volunteers from the nonprofit I Have A Dream Rescue Organization. As soon as they laid eyes on Smokey, they were smitten and determined to finding him a foster home.

The dog is smiling nonstop now that he is aware of finding a new home. "He was sad and laying with his elephant until [volunteer] started talking with him," says Melissa Sutherland, treasurer of I Have A Dream. "It's incredible what rescue does for dogs."

More info: I Have A Dream | Facebook (h/t: thedodo)