Heroic Family Dog Saves Little Girls from Puma Attack

Some people adopt dogs for companionship and love, while others seek more of a working dog that can help them complete a job or offer protection for their family. Morocho, a Dogo Argentino, was one such dog who took his role as protector very seriously.

One day, Morocho's human sister Sophie and her friend Yoli decided to venture across the farm to the fig trees. Figs were Yoli's favorite fruit, and she knew exactly where to find them. Luckily, Morocho accompanied them on their adventure.

As they climbed the tree, they heard noises from high up in the branches. It turns out that Yoli wasn't the only one who had decided to climb that particular tree. A puma was perched in the upper branches and had spotted both Sophie and Yoli. The puma is one of the largest predators in South America and could have easily injured or even killed both girls.

As Yoli did her best to descend the branches, fear got the best of her, and she lost her footing. She fell to the ground and landed flat on her back. But she didn't lay there long, and both girls ran back toward their families as fast as they could.

With a puma in hot pursuit, they screamed as they ran back towards the heart of the farm. Morocho didn't hesitate to go on the offensive and did his absolute best to protect his pack members. He bravely fought off the puma and saved the girls from harm.

Watch the video below:
Article Sources:  (h/t: iheartdogs)

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