Orphaned Puppy Dragging On The Side of The Road After An Car Accident Without Anyone Helping.

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: Bir_pati_dost ''

In Konya/Yunak, a vehicle struck this pup. He cannot stand up. It's likely that he has a fracture. When we touch it, he screams frequently.

He attempted to pull the broken leg away out of fear when he noticed an oncoming person.

I was unable to control my tears after hearing the puppy scream. This boy didn't even accept anyone's mercy. His legs are weak. The association will receive treatment and protection from Ankara,

but it was up to us to handle the transfer. It must be moved from Yunak to Ankara. A motherless infant that we don't know how it got to a busy street Additionally, we have no idea how the car, which shocked him, managed to escape.

To stop him from moving around too much and harming his broken leg, we put him in a crate.

The poor puppy, clearly exhausted, just lay there obediently after a while of screaming in pain.

The clinic in Ankara received our infant with broken legs. Help came from kind people for this adorable dog. The doctor examined the boy and bandaged him.

Being so young, the boy was shocked. We wish the young boy a quick recovery, both physically and mentally.

A puppy is also dragging his injured leg. Due to the boy's small size, the car was unable to avoid hitting the dog when it attempted to cross the street. 

Fortunately, the boy's leg was the only part of his body that was run over. The young boy was so terrified that he dared not approach strangers. The boy will need a lot of time to recover, according to the doctors, so we took him to a veterinary clinic and had him X-rayed. The boy requires our committed care because his wound is not minor.

The little dog was in a lot of pain, but he was afraid to tell anyone. He was relieved when someone came to comfort him. 

With daily practice and encouragement, we're attempting to help these poor kids walk normally.

We love him and we know you’ll love him too! Thanks to everyone for giving him a blissful life. You saved a life through your kindness and love. 🙏 Watch the video below: ⏩

Special thanks to: Bir_pati_dost 💚 
Thanks to the channel : The Moho ❤️

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