This Little Puppy was ABANDONED in the Garage: What Happens Next WILL SHOCK YOU

img: Youtube '' Dublin Shelter / Rescuer: ''

Can you see the hopeless in her eyes? This little baby had suffered too much since she was born...

Found Yaska in a abandoned garage. No one took care of her, she had to survive all by herself

She is bald, swollen from the inside with worms of various stripes as eating too many dirties. She also lost an eye somewhere. 

The condition of the skin can be seen in the video. It was so severe

Although all those pain, she is still cheerful and active.Thanks for rescuing her in time and giving him a new life.

She is at foster house and now she has everything that a child should have, and unconditional love, of course

It’s a pity for the eye, it certainly could have been saved, but even without it, Yaska is a completely charming dog.

She so sweet and very friendly. She will live a good life. May God bless this sweet soul! Share his story! 😍🙏 .  

Special thanks to: Inzheni_soul - 💚
Thanks to the channel : Dublin Shelter ❤️