As a result of her appearance, her owner abandoned her in a small cardboard box by the side of the road.

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A dog named Eddie was lying by the side of the road. As we passed, we could barely hear her sigh. The wound on her leg was so bad that it appears that Eddie has been there for some time. She cried even louder as we got closer because she was so terrified.

We immediately placed her in a small box and drove her to the veterinarian. Eddie struggled throughout the flight and couldn't sit still due to leg pain. This made me even more concerned about her. Eddie lay down to examine him closely after a long and exhausting journey.

The procedure took a long time, which made the puppy impatient. I'm eager to see the outcomes as well. Eddie fractured his pelvis. I didn't anticipate the puppy to feel such suffering.

Eddie became calmer after the doctors took care of him. She lay until she received the vaccine and also to empty her bladder. Eddie's pain eased. She stopped sobbing all the way home and slept a little.

We were more at ease. She also warmed up to us and let us pet her. She was exhausted from the day-long test. When Eddie got home, he ate well.

She ate the entire bowl of food as if there was no pain at all. Eddie took us for a second check-up, as planned. Eddie became more obedient than the first time. She continues to lie to doctors in order for them to examine and play with her.

Her pelvis continued to expand. There was no better news we could receive than that. Eddie has nearly finished his recovery from his treatment. She was very outgoing and no longer moaning in pain, but she was still unable to walk normally.

Every time I fed her, Eddie gave us an expression of gratitude. We only needed to be healthy and happy, and this made me incredibly emotional.

I was happy she was so at ease and calm when she was with me as I watched Eddie fall asleep.

We hope she will be full recovered, gain weight as normal and will be found a new sweet home soon. She is a cute little puppy and will have good healthy life she deserves.

Watch her full story and her happy ending in the video below! We’re so thankful to everyone that involved in rescuing her and gave her this amazing makeover. Please send your love and prayer to Eddie. 💚

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