He Is Survived But Lost His Mom When He Was Just a Week Old. Poor little baby!

img: Youtube '' AnimalSTEP Official / Rescuer: Jeerawadee Ks ''

This little soul lost his mother when he was just around a week old. His mother had died in a car accident. He was a stray puppy and one brother also died due to a health condition.

He had been rescued by a kind man but he didn't know how to feed this young boy. This little puppy was in very bad condition. His body was covered by fleas and crying so much for milk. The vet started to rid the fleas gently. They bathed him with medicated shampoo.

They gave him the first milk. He's safe and he will nurse back to health for a week. It's very fortunate that he has been rescued but sadly to his mother and brother. May their soul Rest in Peace. Thanks for the help this little sweet boy. 😍🙏  Watch the video below.  

Special thanks to:  Jeerawadee Ks 💚 

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