Pets Can Help Us Treat From Depression

Pets are great antidepressants with their soothing presence. The study found that pet owners will have relatively lower blood pressure and pulse while doing mental and stressful tasks than those people who do not have pets. These tasks can range from supervising homework for children to family intervention. Studies have also shown that when you watch a fish slip in an aquarium, it will significantly lower blood pressure and also reduce muscle tension. It has been pointed out that people who recover from heart problems and surgery will be able to recover faster and survive longer when they have pets at home. The presence of pets alone is sufficient for a healthier stay compared to people who do not have pets.

You will receive unconditional love

Pets do not retain any conditions to be loyal to you or to attract your attention. They will approach and sneak up on you even if they don't mind. They will not be in the mood when it comes to you. A recent survey conducted at Johns Hopkins was published in the Bulletin on Depression and Anxiety, which informed residents of a nursing home in St. John's. Louis does not feel lonely or depressed when assigned to hang out with a dog, while some of them still feel depressed and lonely when visited by people. This study included the enrollment of some forty nursing home residents who were identified with high scores on the loneliness scale. Half of the residents were asked to spend half an hour each day with the dog and the other half were visited by other residents. The measure of solitude was significantly lower in this group of half of the selected residents who spent time with the dog.

Pets can change the way you behave

It is possible that you have returned home in an angry or depressed state of mind and want to vent that frustration on someone in your family; just then your dog runs to you, begging you to pet him and pay attention. You will kneel and pat him on the back; the pet will lick your face and you will be forced to smile. After that exchange, you would forget about your bad mood or your anger. Your pet has helped you change your behavior. People will feel relaxed and calm when spending time with their pets.

It will take you to another world

Pets have this uncanny ability to get people out of their heads and transfer them to another reality, just like books and movies. This world is full of affection, food, water, play, and fun. distraction has been found to be one of the most effective therapies for treating anxiety and depression. It even worked with people when they hit such low points in their lives that there was no longer any return of reason.

It cannot be denied that the touch of your pets has healing power. When you hug your pets, it will lower the level of a stress hormone called 'cortisol'. That healing touch of your pets will also help optimize and build your immune system. Touch will fill your body with oxytocin and this hormone will reduce stress levels. So pets are the biggest antidepressant.