Top 10 Facts Most People Don't Know About Dogs

6-Dog fur
Dog fur is of two types. The one with a lot of hair that covers dogs living in the wild is called "double". The other one is 'single', covers the one you keep at home, so it's less hairy than those you see living in snowy areas.

7-Dog Conditions
Scientifically, the word "pet" is called both after feral dogs and those who might be kept at home. After all, it's not what we call dogs. The first term dogs were called "Greyhounds", which are of German origin

8-Wet nose
The most important organ for a dog is his nose. Thus it occupies the space occupied by humans forty times. In this way, the sensitivity of the dog's nose is multiplied by thousands or even millions of times. The wet nose of the dog is important in determining the wind direction.

9-Dog collar
The collars came into use at the hands of the Greeks. Those with spikes were also known to them. The reason why thorns were important in their collars is that it offers them the kind of self-defense that keeps wolves away.

10-Paw Bacteria
Dogs grow bacteria on their paws that make them smell like corn. This smell that comes out of his paws is often called Frito Feet. When dogs walk in the mud or sand, this odor doubles. The smell of their sweat, as a result, bears that smell.