Homeless Little Puppy Finds Safe Place to Sleep After Being Rehomed ❤️

img: Youtube '' Animal Rescue-save shelter ''

This makes you feel happy how  for us these cases have become very  normal  however our hearts are immersive by  sadness every time  we found this power teeny baby girl  yesterday  windowing the streets this bridge for  something to eat and a safe place to  hide from danger  she has no longer a family and no owner .

it is heartbreaking to think of her pain  all alone her short life in the streets was a big  squirrel  because the internal precise the stomach  swimming the skin cracked and  athlemetery  it's safe now and this is an ideal way  to recover  this laser girl is not the only one.  

this morning minnie was cold and refused  full we have not said that  she only waited to eat a little bit of  food on her own  fortunately the tests were very good  i've returned negative.  

little minnie is very weak  but she is still with us  she is taking a few steps  she is up on her belt  we are so happy that her condition has  again improved since  today  such a relief to see her eating with  today.  

our little baby fell hard and polly  clothed this difficult past few days  and today she finally was allowed to  leave the clinic to come  home with us  here we are little mouse  out of the house at this moment we have  established a separate quiet area for  other dogs.

oh god we couldn't find a small jersey  meet her in belly so we got creative and mad one ourselves  from a sock  so warm and so comfy. 

baby minnie is doing wonderful and  foster care  with every day it's greater. .

Thanks to the channel : Animal Rescue-save shelter ❤️

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