Kind-hearted Rescuer Changes the Life of a Pup Who Lost His Legs by Giving Him a New Home

img: Youtube '' Dublin Shelter ''

I just wanna scream I'm so sad and frustrated! I went to a vet station to get some medicine and in walks a woman with this poodle....who weights around 6 kilos and who's 2 years old, she said that a car hit him 10 days ago.

She doesn't want to take care of him anymore and she brought him in to euthanize him cause she's going on vacation. 

 I took one look at him and just started crying. He looks at me I look at him and tears just fall down. I don't know what happened what injuries he suffered cause she just left him like trash and left.

I couldn't speak from all the sadness and shock. We arrived to the vet who has an x ray machine. 

On the way there we stopped to see if he wants to pee.. and my heart broke when I noticed that he's dragging his back legs.

He's paralyzed! Little paralyzed poodle who was brought by his owner to be euthanized has been named Nero. 

The vet says that his injuries were caused by a car that hit him or he fell from somewhere and injured his spine. 

Thanks to the kindest woman and everyone for this sweet soul a new life. He will grow up and live a happy life. 😍🙏  Watch the video below.  

Special thanks to: Edina Pasic 💚 
Thanks to the channel : Dublin Shelter ❤️ 

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