Devoted Puppy couldn’t stop crying After The Owner Denied Responsibility, Abandoned Him.

img: Youtube '' AnimalSTEP Official ''

The little puppy was bitten by dog and covered by large wounds a side of his body and injured leg, it’s swollen and rotten. His owner was ignored to treat him and didn’t care for him until a kind person came up and asked to help him.

He’s very lucky that someone involved to help and brought him to a clinic to address the right treatment. The vet has given him the best medical treatment for speedy recovery and after two weeks he’s getting better, stronger and feeling very good.

He’s completely back to new life, full recovered and will be loved and cared for the whole life. We’re really grateful to the kind person that had heart to save this little puppy back to happy soul forever.

Special thanks to:  กาญจนบุรีสี่ขา 💚 

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