Little Puppy Hated By His Owner, Begging For Food But No One Gave Him

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

A lady sent us this pic reported her neighbor's dog case, when he noticed he got reported, he unchained the dog and heartlessly kicked it out in street.

The people around said that he often begged for food, but no one gave it because they saw that he had scabies So we decided to ask the owner of the dog to adopt and treat him He had severe scabies, nowhere to be smooth, and he had a terrible stench, He showed no fear, only sad eyes as lack of love He sat still to shave, but actually he didn't have much hair left to shave Veterinarian said to be patient with bathing, sun exposure, taking and applying medicine The vet said that in about a month the condition would improve significantly Because of severe dermatitis, he looks a bit old, but he is actually only about 6 months old He needs sun exposure, twice a day.

These are his skin and hair care, vitamin supplements and the medicines from vet He was so cute, sitting still for us to apply the medicine We bought him a toy but him doesn't like it lol He'd rather be taken for a walk by us He loves to shower, especially when he gets a head massage Let's go sunbathing again, He is extremely cute, does not run far when released. 

We called once and he came right back Now he has the night to go to the vet because he vomited last night As a result, he has a lack of red blood cells due to a severe blood parasite infection The vet gave him more medicine, hope he will be better in 10 days We names him Orange as his fur color was orange.

We're looking forward to see him in the orange fur again He rarely barks, whoever he meets he happily wags his tail His severe scabies was caused from within, so just applying medicine was not enough Veterinarian said that due to weak liver and kidneys, the rash spread to the outside causing skin infections Combining medicine and nutrition. 

Image/Story Source Credit: 'The Moho' via YouTube Video

The condition of the disease will quickly improve Orange's condition has improved, some neighbors even thought it was some kind of expensive dog, Cam has gradually gotten used to the new life, becoming active and sometimes quite naughty, breaking things around He shows an innocent face when he gets scolded, it's so funny Enjoys his meal! He's so excited when see me every time I come back home after work.

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Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Vitamin Meo 💚
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