An Innocent Soul Turned Aggressive After She Got Hit Then Dumped In A Canal Under Rain!

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: Happy Animals Club ''

A paralyzed dog that was trapped in a canal was reported to us. Two factors caused us to hurry to the scene. First, a dog shouldn't be in an open sewer, especially when it is beginning to rain.

She appears to have been struck by a car and dropped into a ditch. She couldn't get out because her back legs weren't functional.

People who contacted us about the dog in the canal claimed they attempted to rescue her but failed due to her aggressiveness.

Despite having a cute appearance, this dog is one of the most aggressive dogs we've ever encountered. We tried to make friends with her by feeding her, but she refused, so we had to save her in a difficult way. We named her Felicity. 

At the shelter, we made an effort to give her a thorough examination.

However, nothing came of that plan. Because of the potential for further injury, we refrained. We were able to bathe Felicity because she didn't mind being in the water. Felicity still has a lot of brambles in her fur, especially on her head, which suggests that she has likely been mistreated.

When you open the door to her apartment, she flinches away from you and panics. She eventually regained the use of her legs, but she remained aggressive, so we're trying to show her that being touched by people is nothing to be afraid of. However, a month or so ago, she stopped attempting to bite.

We felt secure enough last week to take her collar off, and today she received her first-ever walkie-talkie and is overjoyed and in love!

Beautiful angel . She deserves to be loved cared and the kindness from all of us. Look how beautiful she is. We’re thankful everyone for kindest heart to bring this little sweetheart back to wonderful life. Keep her in your prayer and send your love to her. 🙏

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