Heartbroken with abandoned ​dog after years of loyalty and heartwarming ending

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Borya was an old dog. After many years of loyalty, he was abandoned It was said that the owner took him out on the street and left him behind We took him to the vet because I saw that he was having trouble breathing. He kept looking at me with grateful eyes but he was full of sadness Borya had laryngeal paralysis and pulmonary edema.

I think the owner knew he was sick, so he did it for him He had surgery, got an endotracheal tube back. He needed intensive care for a few more days under control. I hope all is well with him He looked like he didn't want to lie down, so he got up and walked around the vet He was curious about everything at the vet, everything was new to him These were his incisions, he would have to clean them every day The doctor said the tube would be removed soon.

abandoned past makes Borya not fall asleep, he used to cry He felt just like us, he felt the pain Why? Did the owner treat him like this?

It was a difficult time for us. Seeing him cry broke my heart He was getting better and was able to eat soft foods The doctor said that he was out of danger, due to his age, recovery would take time. "Well done Borya, we will start a new life together." Borya was very fond of children. This was the first time he met my little girl. He was very friendly but still shy when he received a kiss.

I was so glad that he accepted our love for him and made this his home.

I often took him for a walk to make him feel better.

And he really helped him, he made him happier I hope the memories of the past will soon be left behind And he would welcome a new and happier future The first winter we spent together, he made a full recovery.

He had left the past behind, his dream was better too I no longer see him cry in his sleep, instead sweet dreams And here he also has new friends who like him very much They went out for a walk at dinner time, and I had to go look for them.

Lisunya loved Borya very much. She always wanted a move it around See how the happy tail wags?

He has completely changed He got healthier and became much more beautiful Even though he was older, he loved hanging out with us Although he was late, we would make his life more beautiful With love, care, and sharing, we gave it a new life. He would walk with us forward, with joy and a smile No one will be left behind.  "Watch his full story in the video below"

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