She was chained and left there while pregnant in the cold and the sad truth

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This dog's neighbor called us one winter night. She said she tried to contact the owner but couldn't. She saw them moving things two days ago. They may have moved and left this dog behind. She was friendly and let me touch her, but her big belly drew my attention. I assumed she was pregnant, but why did they abandon her?

I took her to the vet early the next morning, not knowing what to expect. The cats ran around when they saw her, making me laugh as they kept looking back. Meanwhile, we awaited the results, but I had the impression that something was wrong. Nobody left a pregnant dog chained up. I sobbed like a baby when I discovered the truth. She had a stillbirth and a cystic cyst. Not only that, but she also had demodicosis. 

Since when have our hearts grown too cold? And I would never forget these dejected eyes. The procedure was completed successfully. It hadn't been easy for her, but now that it's over, it feels like a nightmare as she waves her tail in gratitude to everyone. The doctor said everything was going well, so we had to stay to receive demodicosis treatment.

She had to fight with many dangerous diseases. But I never once saw her want to give up.

In my heart, she is a superhero, a true superhero. I named her Sheina; what a lovely name for her. We'd been at the vet for over a month, and this was her final reexamination, and the outcome exceeded all of our expectations. We were fired and delighted in returning home. Her hard work has paid off.

I was extremely proud of her for what she had accomplished. It will be difficult for her to forget what occurred.

However, I believe that love and care will eventually take its place. What if the next-door neighbor couldn't see her?

Thank you so much to the kind neighbor who called me. We are beginning a new beginning together, and she will have a day that is as bright as the sun.

She’s feeling so good, she wags her tail to thankful to those kind people that saved her life.

It’s very good work that could restore the faith in humanity, we’re really appreciated and grateful to everybody that bring her new life. Watch the video below: ⏩

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