Cuddly Dog Left Behind By Her Owner... So Sad

Image/Story Source Credit: @AnimalRescue Via YouTube Video

Almost midnight and the call comes. A poor dog abandoned out of the house in frozen weather. I couldn't not react immediately, nor wait for the morning!

(I'm in a little sick) Midnight, rain soon, maybe storm! I certainly won't wait it in the morning, and our city is full of sintors! I know dog's life is in danger! When I came, it was immediately obvious from him that it was a home Dog.

He sleeps like a baby. It is obvious that there is no trauma and twitching in sleep, like with street dogs! Maybe when he was a little puppy he came as a gift to a child for his fifth birthday? Maybe they bought it at some market?

Day 1: Abandoned Dog name BRUCE! A Dog we rescued at midnight (rescued from dog catchers) in front of a coffee shop.

He was so exhausted that we literally couldn't wake him up, And here he is 12 hours later, when he woke up he got some warm soup! Bruce is safe now and I will be taking care of him, and I can assure you that he won't go back to his "owner" or back on the street! 

Day 30: Now after a month, you can see it on the video! He's almost standing still! He will not get up from sadness! How can he walk ! He's transform to healthy and happy dog. All his pain and sadness are gone, now he will be a happy dog forever!

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Fahrudin Caki Bravo💚
Thanks to the channel : @AnimalRescue ❤️

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