Loyalty forced him to remain in the house, waiting for his owner, who never returned!

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: Xerimbabos Project ''

This dog is great example of loyalty, but for wrong person . his owner left the house and abandoned him there. 

The dog, however, was unaware and continued to remain, trying to guard the house while patiently waiting for his owner for months.

He was starving because there was no food in the house, and if you look at his hair, you can tell how bad things were for him.

He barked to stop us from entering the house, so we placed food there. He ate briefly before returning to his duties.

Not know that his owner no longer requires him. They moved and never returned after already selling the house.

We're able to free him eventually with the help of a dog expert and bring him to the clinic. He even had dirty, long hair that covered his eyes. and covered with worms that devoured his body

He has numerous larvae in a hole in his belly. So, we start by shaving off his hair. It aids in getting rid of the parasites and tons of mud he has.

His situation is more complicated than we first believe. He must now undergo a second round of blood tests, an ultrasound, and an x-ray while sedated. however, his mental state is the most concerning.

He is always depressed and lacks energy. despite the lack of connection, he continued to behave well when we touched him, as though he was still hoping to find his owner. We try to talk to him to improve things, but there is still a long way to go.

We named him Mark, and after two days, he's very friendly.... we'll get through it, and then we can find him a real owner. 

We are grateful for everyone that give him a new life with hope and joyful. View the video below to see his entire tale and happy ending!

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