For 18 Months, A Dog Did Not Leave The Site Of His Owner's Car Crash

For the past 18 months, a devoted dog has refused to leave the spot where his owner tragically lost their life in a car crash. Despite locals' efforts to coax him away or adopt him, he always returns to this same place.

The incident occurred in a remote Greek town when the dog's owner was ԁiеԁ on November 8, 2017. Since then, the faithful pup has remained at the accident scene, occasionally seeking shade from the scorching sun.

The compassionate community has constructed a shelter for the dog and provides him with food and water regularly. Some even draw a parallel to Hachiko, the loyal Japanese Akita who waited for years at a train station after his owner's passing.

However, viewers of the video expressing their concern argue that the dog's living conditions are unsafe and believe he should be rescued and rehomed. They speculate that cleaning up the accident scene properly might help the dog disassociate the area from his late owner.

We hope that someone will step forward to rescue this loyal canine and offer him a new family.

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