Paɾalуᴢed Puppy Finds Mom Who Won't Give Up on Her

Image/Story Source Credit: @Howlofpet Via YouTube Video

Humanity has long since lost its humanity. She's just a puppy... convinced that the street is her forever home. And she paid a high price for it. She was hit by a car and is now immobile. Then, in the rain, a man dumped her next to a dumpster and betrayed her once more.And she's been there waiting for us to arrive! We've arrived at the veterinary clinic.

How do you start writing her story when she looks at us with broken legs, a broken spine, and the inability to remove mud? How can she overcome all these significant challenges that a human has placed in her path?

We have many good people among us. We are always able to collaborate, at least on our profiles. Is it possible for us to work together to try to mend her broken heart? Next day, she will visit a specialist. Additionally, she is no longer alone.

Day 9: Little Blue is continuing to improve. We eagerly await the time when little Blue can stand on her own. Day 16: Good morning to all of you fine folks! 

Day 36: Little Blue has fully recovered. She is now a beautiful and happy dog. Little Blue deserved a happy life after going through so much trauma.

It’s the best animal rescue that restored our faith in humanity, we are really grateful everyone that supported to save her life and bring her sweet forever home.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

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