Stray Dog, Terrified and Alone, Reunited With Kind Rescuer Who Drove Hours To Save Him

Rocky was a one-year-old border collie mix who had no home and no family. He roamed around a remote construction site, looking for food and shelter. He was afraid of humans and avoided contact with them.

But one day, his luck changed. A compassionate animal rescue volunteer named Barth saw him and decided to help him. Barth brought food for Rocky every day for a week, hoping to win his trust. But Rocky was still too scared to let Barth touch him.

Barth knew he had to act fast before Rocky got hurt or lost. He drove for hours to get a trap from Dogwood Animal Rescue, a nonprofit organization that saves animals in need. He returned to the construction site and set up the trap. It didn't take long for Rocky to fall for it.

Barth then drove Rocky back to the rescue, where he could be safe and cared for. Rocky was nervous at first, but he soon realized that he was in good hands. He made friends with other dogs and learned to trust people.

A few weeks later, Rocky had a special visitor: Barth. Rocky recognized him right away and greeted him with joy. He wagged his tail, licked his face, and cuddled with him. Rocky was grateful for Barth's kindness and friendship.

Barth couldn't adopt Rocky himself, but he helped him find a loving couple who did. In August, Rocky left the rescue and went to his forever home. He was happy and relaxed with his new owners and even had a new dog buddy next door to play with.

Rocky's story is one of many that Dogwood Animal Rescue has made possible. If you want to help dogs like Rocky, you can visit their WEBSITE and learn how you can get involved. You can donate, volunteer, foster, or adopt an animal in need. Remember, every animal deserves a chance at happiness, and you can make a difference with your kindness.

Article Sources: FACEBOOK/DogwoodAnimalRescue (h/t: thedodo)