Pregnant Pit Bull Saved From The Streets Gives Birth To Amazing Puppies

Meet Sophie: the courageous and stunning dog who once wandered the streets alone and frightened until a young girl gained her trust and brought her to safety. Sadly, the girl's mother and her boyfriend did not want Sophie around, leaving her in urgent need of help.

Faith Easdale received word of Sophie's situation and sprang into action, rallying support for her life by urging people to share her story and tag reputable rescues. Suspected to be pregnant, Sophie deserved a secure and loving home where she could safely deliver her puppies.

On the first day, Adam and Faith transported Sophie to her foster home. It was no easy feat as Sophie was petrified of leashes and difficult to handle. However, with patience and kindness, they successfully brought her to her new temporary home where she slept soundly for the first time in ages.

As days passed, Sophie began to trust her foster family, particularly Klaudya Preciado and her caring household who showed her that life could be good and filled with joy. They named her Sophie and she began to feel loved and cherished. No longer alone or suffering in silence.

Soon enough, it became apparent that Sophie was indeed pregnant. Her foster family committed to helping her have a safe and smooth delivery. They showered her with love, patience, and compassion, earning Sophie's trust enough for her to let them near her and her babies.

Weeks went by and Sophie's puppies grew up healthy and robust thanks to the care and attention of her foster family, especially Allen Boartfield who became known as the "Sophie whisperer." He demonstrated to Sophie that humans could be kind and helped find happy and loving homes for her puppies.

Today, Sophie is healthy and content, surrounded by canine friends and the love of her new family.

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Article Sources: Youtube - Paws Show  (Special Thanks To: Rescuer)

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