Firefighter Adopts Stray Dog He Saved from Expressway

How a Firefighter's Brave Rescue of a Stray Dog Led to a Happy Ending

When Mark Wojnar, a firefighter from Buffalo's Ladder 2, saw a stray dog running near an expressway entrance, he didn't hesitate to act. He and another kind-hearted driver stopped the traffic and caught the dog, who was in a terrible condition. He was filthy, matted and scared.

Wojnar brought the dog to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, where he received medical care and grooming. But Wojnar didn't just leave him there. He returned to the shelter and adopted the dog, giving him a new name: Bentley.

The shelter staff and volunteers were overjoyed by Wojnar's compassion and generosity. "He not only saved this dog's life, but also gave him a loving home!" they posted on Facebook. “We’re so thankful for his quick thinking and to his mother for opening her home to this lucky dog.”

Bentley now lives with Wojnar's mother and another rescue dog named Brody, who Wojnar adopted from the streets in 2015. Bentley is happy and has a great bond with his new sibling.

We are so happy for Bentley and his new loved ones! They are a perfect fit for each other 💕. Spread the joy by sharing this inspiring story!

Article Sources:  (h/t: theanimalclub)