Abandoned Puppy Tied to Fire Hydrant Learns to Trust Through Cuddles

Cici was a scared and starving puppy when she was left tied to a fire hydrant in a Southern California neighborhood. She was one of many dogs that had been abandoned and neglected on this street. Suzette Hall, a local animal rescuer, had already saved several pups from this area, but she couldn't reach Cici in time.

Luckily, Hall had a neighbor who was willing to help. They rushed to the scene and found Cici tangled in her leash, trying to escape from the post. With Hall's instructions over the phone, they managed to calm Cici down and free her from the hydrant. They wrapped her in a warm blanket and took her to the Camino Pet Hospital, where she received urgent medical attention.

Cici's condition worsened on the way to the hospital. She was dehydrated and terrified after being alone for so long. The staff at Camino Pet Hospital acted fast and gave her fluids and love, helping her recover from her trauma.

At the hospital, Cici made many new friends, but she bonded especially with Hedy Herold, the office manager at Camino Pet Hospital. Hedy would hold Cici in her arms and shower her with affection, filling her with the warmth and love she had never felt before.

Thanks to the amazing care she got, Cici was soon ready for foster care and met her new temporary family. She was happy to finally have a home, but she still hoped for her forever family, the one that would love and care for her unconditionally.

Cici is a brave little pup who has overcome a lot of hardship. She has a heart of gold and gives so much love to everyone she meets. Suzette Hall can’t wait to find her a loving home. If you want to adopt Cici, please get in touch with Suzette Hall on Facebook.

If you're inspired to help dogs like Cici receive the care they need, consider donating to Camino Pet Hospital under "Logan's Legacy 29." Your contributions will help give dogs like Cici a second chance at life and the love they deserve.

Article Sources: Facebook/Suzette Hall  (h/t: thedodo)