Two Woman Sees A 'Dеɑd' Dog In The Road And Decides To Save His Life

Animal rescue stories often touch our hearts, but few are as shocking and disturbing as Oliviero's. This particular story, which took place in southern Italy.

The scene unfolded when two women were out for a walk in Messina and stumbled upon a trash bag near the Terme Vigliatore river. They soon realized that they could hear whimpers coming from the bag, and upon closer inspection, they discovered a dog who had been bound with electrical wire and dumped in the garbage.

To make matters even more horrific, there was a dead calf lying nearby. The women quickly called for help, and an animal rescue volunteer named Linda Li soon arrived on the scene.

Upon assessment, it was clear that the young dog was in dire straits. He was covered in hundreds of ticks and fly larvae, dehydrated, and in shock. The rescuers gave him water and immediately transported him to a veterinarian for urgent medical attention.

Despite the severity of his condition, the young dog, whom the rescuers named Oliviero, is now on the road to recovery.

Article Sources:  Facebook  (h/t: reshareworthy)