Miracle Puppy Survives Being Stuffed in Suitcase and Rescued by Kind Man

In Italy, a man driving between Trani and Barletta stumbled upon a smashed red suitcase lying abandoned on the side of the road. As he approached, he saw a skinny and frightened puppy huddled next to it. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the puppy had been trapped inside the suitcase and had clawed and bitten his way to freedom. Exhausted and weak, the puppy seemed resigned to either dying or waiting for help.

Thankfully, the man who found the puppy was a Good Samaritan and immediately called the Lega Del Cane Trani for assistance.

According to the rescue organization, the puppy, now named Kei, suffered from various stomach issues and was extremely fearful of humans. Despite these challenges, his rescuers were determined to nurse him back to health. He was so weak that he couldn't even stand for several weeks.

Aside from his physical ailments, Kei also had emotional wounds that needed healing. It would take time and patience to gain the timid and abused pup's trust and show him that humans could be kind and trustworthy.

However, as days turned into weeks, Kei slowly began to trust the people around him and showed signs of improvement. The veterinarians and rescuers worked tirelessly to nurse him back to health, and their hard work paid off. Kei began to regain his strength and his trust in humans.

Article Sources: Youtube - @legadelcane | Facebook  (Special Thanks To: Rescuer)

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