Stray Pup Rescued by U.S. Naval Commander Finds Forever Home

Griffon, a stray pup with a heart of gold, had lost all hope of ever finding a forever home after spending so much time on the unforgiving streets. But fate had other plans for him, and a chance encounter with a U.S. Naval Commander proved to be a turning point in his life.

According to a heartwarming Facebook post by Paws of War, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training service dogs for veterans and first responders, the Commander spotted Griffon and recognized that the little dog was unlikely to survive on his own in such a dangerous environment. Drawing on his unit's motto, "Those who arrive alive, leave alive," the Commander scooped up the pup and vowed to protect him.

“Griffon is a super pup,” Baumann told The Dodo. “He loves everyone and every dog he meets and loves to eat. He is doing great.”

Griffon soon became the talk of the naval base, charming everyone with his sweet nature and playful antics. As the Commander took on the responsibility of caring for him, the two formed an unbreakable bond that has become the envy of all who witness it.

Despite the distance between them, the Commander has decided to adopt Griffon and take him home to Maryland, where he'll be welcomed by the Commander's wife and kids.

Article Sources: Facebook  | Youtube  (h/t: boredpanda + thedodo)

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