Meet Todd, the Brave Golden Retriever Who Saved His Owner from a Rattlesnake Bite

Paula Godwin, a resident of Arizona, owes her life to her furry friend Todd, a golden retriever, who saved her from a rattlesnake attack while they were out for a walk. Read on to learn more about this heroic story.

On a sunny day in Arizona, Paula Godwin was out for a walk with her two dogs, Todd and Copper. As they were strolling along, she suddenly almost stepped on something that caught her attention. To her horror, it was a rattlesnake that was ready to strike at her.

In an instant, Todd jumped in front of Paula to protect her from the deadly venomous bite. The snake lunged forward and bit Todd on his muzzle, but he saved his mom from a potentially life-threatening injury.

“He jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have got bit,” Godwin said on Facebook. “This is what a hero looks like.”

Todd's face began to swell. Paula rushed him to the animal hospital, where he received prompt medical attention, including antivenom treatment. After a day of rest and observation, Todd was able to return home.

Paula is grateful for Todd's bravery, as the incident could have turned out much worse. While rattlesnake bites are rarely fatal for humans, they can cause serious pain, vision problems, breathing difficulties, and numbness.

Todd's wound on his nose is still visible, and it will take some time to heal completely. Nevertheless, he is already feeling much better and is back to his playful self. Paula has been showering Todd with lots of love, cuddles, and treats to show her appreciation for his heroic act.

Article Sources: Facebook  (h/t: kingdomstv)