Dog Who Has Got New Fur Can't Stop Smiling

Meet Sarang, a little puppy who had a tough start to life. Abandoned alone in the mountains without food or water, he suffered from a skin disease that caused his fur to fall out in patches. His owner had heartlessly thrown him away, leaving him weak and helpless, with his hipbone and spine bones exposed.

Fortunately, a group of hikers found Sarang and brought him to a local shelter for stray dogs, where he received the medical attention, food, and water that he desperately needed.

Despite all of his hardships, Sarang never lost his sweet and loving nature. He wagged his tail at everyone who came to visit him, hoping for some love and affection. He remained gentle and kind, even though he had been mistreated and abandoned.

The dedicated shelter staff worked tirelessly to nurse Sarang back to health. They gave him antibiotics for his skin disease and put him on a special diet to help him gain weight. As Sarang started to recover from his skin disease and malnutrition, he became more active and playful. They also started him on a gentle exercise program to help strengthen his muscles and improve his overall health.

Slowly but surely, Sarang began to show significant improvement. His fur started to grow back, and his appetite returned. He even started to gain weight, and his hipbone and spine bones were no longer exposed.

Sarang spent his days at the shelter getting to know the other dogs and the shelter staff. Despite his past mistreatment, he never lost his trust in humans. He was always happy to see people coming to visit him, and the staff at the shelter fell in love with Sarang's sweet personality and gentle nature.

They spent extra time with him, taking him on walks and playing with him in the yard. They showered him with lots of love and affection, knowing that he had been through a lot and needed extra care.

Today, Sarang is a thriving and healthy pup, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the shelter staff. He has a bright future ahead of him and is looking for a loving forever home where he can continue to wag his tail and bring joy to the lives of his new family.

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Article Sources: Youtube - The Moho (Credit : Findinglove_dog)

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