Abandoned Mama Pit Bull Gets A Second Chance

In the middle of a frigid night, a heartless individual was caught on a security camera abandoning a pregnant Pitbull. The video footage captures the man pretending to take the dog for a walk at 11:28 PM before locking her up in the darkness and cold. Despite being heavily pregnant, the poor dog wags her tail, completely unaware that she has been deserted. Hours turn into a long and cold night until the rescue team receives the distressing video the following day.

Upon arrival, the rescue team is struck by the sight of the dog's swollen belly. It's clear that she has been pregnant for over a week. After being untied, she runs away briefly before returning to the strangers who are there to help her. She looks around, still hoping to see her owner, but the reality sinks in that he will never return. Desperate for help and companionship, the dog becomes friends with the strangers who have come to her rescue.

The team is amazed by the dog's courage and resilience, and they offer her the care she desperately needs. Her belly is so swollen that it makes breathing difficult, and she needs to be taken to the vet to ensure that everything is normal. Luckily, the x-rays reveal that everything is okay, and the team prepares for the arrival of her precious pups.

After three days of waiting and providing care, the dog goes into labor and gives birth to five adorable puppies. The reunion is heartwarming, and the puppies are named Bob, Mark, Maki, David, and Shannon. They are all safe and sound, thanks to the help of the rescue team.

It's a mystery as to why the dog's owner would abandon her and her puppies, but they are now in good hands. The team names the dog Laura and pledges to take care of her and her puppies until they find their forever homes. Watch the video below.

Article Sources: Youtube - Dublin Shelter  (Rescuer: @nathalia.guimaraes.56)

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