Dog Missing for Five Years Reunites with Owner Thanks to Microchip Identification

In 2016, Michael Joy and his family were gearing up for a road trip when their three dogs managed to get loose. Although two of them returned, Sam, a Lab mix who was just four months old at the time, went missing. Joy searched tirelessly for his beloved dog, combing through his neighborhood in Georgia and checking local shelters, but to no avail.

Undeterred, Joy refused to give up hope and continued to follow the shelters' pages even after his family relocated to Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He frequently traveled back to Georgia, hoping to find Sam.

Fast forward almost five years later, Joy received an unexpected call from City Dogs Cleveland, who informed him that they had found Sam. Shocked and overjoyed, Joy made an eight-hour drive to Ohio to reunite with his long-lost pet.

The rescue was able to identify Sam through his microchip during a medical examination. Although both Joy and Sam had undergone significant changes over the years, they immediately recognized each other, and Sam couldn't stop wagging his tail and jumping with excitement.

The heartwarming reunion, which was captured on video, shows Joy and Sam embracing each other with tears of joy in their eyes.

Article Sources: Twitter  (h/t: thedodo)