Abandoned Puppy Rescued and Makes Remarkable Recovery in Angarsk

On March 12th, an abandoned puppy was discovered by a compassionate girl in Angarsk. She quickly recorded a short video and shared it on the VK group for animal rescue. It was later reported that a heartless teenager had kicked the poor puppy before abandoning it in the snow.

Upon seeing the post, Помоги immediately rushed to the scene. They discovered that the puppy was a male with a broken right back leg, causing it to drag itself painfully through the snow. Unfortunately, due to inflammation, the pup collapsed on the vet's table during the examination.

The X-ray revealed that the puppy had a broken piece of bone in his back, but thankfully, there was no head injury. The vet then had to check the puppy's leg muscle reaction. Aside from the broken bone, the puppy seemed to be in good health, and the vet concluded that he was likely a healthy pup that someone had abandoned.

Despite his excruciating pain, the puppy remained friendly and affectionate towards his rescuers. They shaved off his fur to prepare him for the minor surgery he needed. The rescuers also discovered another case that appeared to be related, perhaps another abandoned sibling.

The puppy's condition remained critical after surgery, but he made a remarkable recovery. He began walking and playing, and his appetite returned. The puppy's pain reduced significantly, and he no longer collapsed. Eventually, he was well enough to leave the vet and go home with his new family. Although he still lacked a name, his rescuers planned to give him one soon and promised to update everyone on his progress.

Watch the video below for the full story! 
Article Sources: Youtube - Dublin Shelter  (Special Thanks To: Помоги выжить)

Youtube video