Top 9 Summer Activities for Your Dog

Keeping your dog cool in this hot summer weather can help prevent dehydration, heat stroke, and even death. There are several simple methods to keep your dog safe and cool this summer, ranging from keeping his hair short to reducing the amount of time he spends outside. Here are my top 10 picks.

1. Give your pet unrestricted access to clean water. During the heat, dogs require a lot of water to remain hydrated. Consider adding a few ice cubes into your dog's water bowl to keep it chilly and pleasant.

2. Never, ever leave your dog in a parked car. According to studies, the temperature inside a parked car may quickly increase to more than 120 degrees. It is not only dangerous to leave your dog alone in a parked vehicle, but it is also illegal in several places.

3. During the heat, keep your dog's hair short. Dogs with thick coats are more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion in the summer. You can keep your dog from overheating by keeping his hair short. You have the option of cutting your dog's hair yourself or taking him to a professional groomer. You must use considerable caution if you decide to trim your dog's hair yourself. If you remove too much hair, your dog's skin will be exposed to the sun's scorching and dangerous rays.

4. On a regular basis, pour cold water over your pet. Fill a jug or bucket halfway with chilly water and pour it over your dog's entire body. Take great care of your dog's paws. Dogs perspire via their paws. When it's hot outside, one of the simplest methods to keep him cool and safe is to pour water over him.

5. Position your dog's enclosure in a shaded outdoor location. If your land lacks adequate shade for your dog, you may always throw a tarp or sheet over the top or down the side of the enclosure to create shade.

6. Make a tiny pool in your dog's enclosure. A little pool will not only offer him with more water, but it will also provide him with the opportunity to cool off. A tiny pool for your dog can be purchased at home and gardening stores. They are generally less than twenty bucks.

7. Avoid taking your pet for a stroll in the afternoon. If you want to keep your dog comfortable and safe from the scorching summer sun, consider walking him early in the morning or late at night when it's cooler.


8. Keep your dog inside during excessively hot summer days and nights. Consider keeping Fido indoors permanently if he is old or overweight. Old and overweight dogs do not fare as well in the summer heat as young, healthy canines.

9. Limit the amount of time your pet spends outside. Walking or exercising your dog is an excellent strategy to limit the amount of time he spends outside.