Six Things Your Cat Would Like You To Know

It's no surprise that cats are among the most popular pets in the United States. They have it all, with their sweet charms and intelligent personalities. But what if your cat had something to say to you? Here are seven things we think your cat would want you to know about, straight from the cat's mouth!

1. I enjoy being outside, but I'll live longer if you keep me indoors.

The big outdoors appears to be my natural environment, full with wonders for me to investigate and pursue. Nonetheless, it is not the ideal location for me. Did you know that when I live outside, I only have a 2-5 year life span? That was way too short! If you keep me indoors in the warmth and care of your house, I can live to be 17 years old! That's almost 15 years of wonderful embraces and kisses from me to you.

2. I only meow for you, not for the other cats.

Cats do not need to meow at other cats, with the exception of the odd hissing outburst when we feel threatened. We're just yelling at you, people! We meowed as kittens to signal our moms when we needed food or comfort. As adults, we only need to meow to communicate with you when we are hungry, want to say hello, or something is wrong. And the more you interact with us, the more we interact with you!


3. I require more than dry cat food.

I don't just have the appearance of a tiger... I should eat like one, too! I'm a true carnivore, which means I require a meat-based diet. Of course, I like to snack on dry food during the day, but this is not the healthiest diet for me. I am more prone to obesity and diabetes than my wet-food-eating canine companions.

4. I need you to spend some engaging time with me every now and then because I get bored.

I'm sad when you leave for work! I enjoy having company. I need companionship even more if I don't have a sister or brother to play with. Please don't just play on your phones or watch TV when you get home. Spend some time with me and stimulate my senses! Play with some cat toys with me to give me some exercise while also allowing us to bond as humans and cats. Not only will I appreciate it, but it will also tire me out enough to get me ready for bed.

5. Sitting with me can help you reduce stress and your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Did you know that owning me reduces your stroke risk by one-third? That is correct! My sweet little furry spirit can help reduce your stress and anxiety, and the vibrations from my purrs can also help heal you.


6. Don't be upset with me because I have to scratch!

When you see me scratching your furniture, it's not because I want to ruin it. I really just need a good place to stretch my feet and claws! I also need to shed some of my outer claw layers as they deteriorate and become brittle. I scratch things occasionally to mark my territory by leaving claw marks and a scent. Please don't be offended; it's my instinct! Getting some scratching trees or posts is a good way to fix this. This way, I know there's always a safe place for me to stretch and scratch.

Hopefully, these cat care tips will help you become closer to your little feline while also helping your kitty live the healthiest life possible so they can spend more time being a companion for you.