This puppy was left on the street by her owner after suffering burns and losing her toe

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Mickey, a 2-month-old puppy was intentionally abandoned on a deserted way Looking at that small body moving  with difficulty, it broke my heart. She was getting ready to be taken for an x-ray Her sacrum was torn, and there was  also a tumor above the sacrum. She could have had her leg amputated because her leg was twisted.

She had urinary incontinence and her dermatitis was causing her discomfort. The doctor cleaned everything up  and treated it with chlorhexidine. Her hind legs were twisted and  she could not stand. And we would go home for the next 2 weeks, then come to a decision on surgery. And this is how I entertain Mickey before bed.

She seemed strange to the movie, always snuggled up to me looking so cute. Do you see her looking at me affectionately? Maybe she never felt the love and care for her.

We went back to the vet and decided  to do surgery Fortunately, the surgery was successful and  it was like a miracle for her and we return home for recovery and treatment Everyone in the house greet Mickey with genuine affection so that she felt close to her. 

In particular, she has fashionable clothes  and new friends. She quickly got to know and played with her friend. Even though she's smaller, she didn't seem to afraid when she played tug of war See how hard she tried when she tried to get the toy back And did you notice the peculiarity  of her hind legs? She was able to walk This was probably the best time she had ever had in her life.
Stay in a warm bed surrounded  by her favorite toys There were people who love and protect her That day we had a meeting with the neurologist. On examination, Mickey hurt when pressing on the cervical spine, but nothing serious The most worrying thing at that time  was that she had diarrhea. For the rest.

All indicators gave good results, nothing to worry about mickey felt tired, had a high temperature, and vomits. She refused boiled beef even though  it was her favorite food She had been through so much pain since she was born Hope nothing bad happens to her. She was more alert and was  able to eat some food.

That made me feel so happy,  God didn't give up on her Soon she would be healthy again and  be able to walk normally. I want to share this happy moment with all of you The miracle happened to us, she was  able to run  normally.

I could not keep up with her, she  ran like a rocket. Our journey has a happy ending Mickey will now have a  happy life with us Here she will be loved, cared for  and protected.

The past is the past, we will start a new chapter happier and brighter. Watch the video below.

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