A lonely and sad pup, left to suffer by the roadside, was ignored by hundreds of passersby

img: Youtube 'Paws In Need'

This little soul was found on the side of the road. He was alone, scared, and starved to death. He was ignored by many passersby until he met a good citizen.

He was taken to a vet hospital. He suffered from horrific mange. They started him with mange medication. He was in very bad condition. Each day, he fights against the pain.

He would have not survived another day if nobody helped him. He's able to move and walk after just a few days. His condition is improved every day. He gains weight and his spirit is stronger.

After months of hospitalization, he grew up healthy and lived in a sweet family. He's now very playful with his new friends. Thanks for the help of all kind-hearted people in giving him a second chance. Watch the video below.

Thanks to the channel : Paws In Need ❤️

Youtube video